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Wayne Rodrigues

Chief Instructor and Grading Examiner
5th Dan Black Belt

Wayne is our chief instructor and founder of TKO Kickboxing Academy and our longest serving martial artist having started training back in 12BC.


Wayne has achieved his black belt in three different disciplines karate, judo and is a Black Belt 5th Dan in kickboxing.


He first opened a martial art gym in 1980 in a local village hall with a fellow martial artist. As you can see today he has successfully built up TKO and now has two dedicated kickboxing gyms training all abilities whether they wish to get fit or fight to be the next champion.

Teaching 5 nights a week is not enough for Wayne, he is a active kickboxing and white collar boxing referee attending shows almost weekly and will travel all over the country to take the TKO fighter to compete in full contact shows. when you hear people say martial art is there life Wayne is the perfect example of this

Wayne has competed competitively in every discipline he’s trained in having the most success in Karate. He continues to train regularly and has been known to dust of the sparring gloves on a Friday night.

Outside of kickboxing Wayne fancies himself as a golfer and is always up for a quick round before blasting the TKO members in the gym!

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