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Dave Winch

3rd Dan Black Belt

Dave winch has been kickboxing at TKO since 2002 at the same time he decided to go back to University as a mature student. Being a student he had no money and a lot a spare time so was able to throw himself into training. Dave steady worked his way up through the grades eventually getting his black belt in 2006.


He started teaching when he got his brown belt and has been involved with teaching every since.


During this time he started to spar more and enjoyed the competitiveness side of the sport. He started to compete in light continuous bouts and soon progressed to semi professional full contact bouts.


After a fighting career which lasted 4 years he finished with a record of 10 wins 1 loss and held the Southern Area and English Super Welterweight titles and was ranked number two in the U.K (under the reigning World Champion at the time). After he retired he took a greater interest in supporting the new generation of fighter coming through the ranks.

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