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Ben Hammond

Ben has competed in various sports at all levels from a very young age representing Ashford in athletics and swimming as a junior, and he had successes in basketball, tennis, squash and golf (representing Lydd in National competitions and winning a few club comps).


 He has always had a passion for football playing from 7 years old for teams across London and the South-East playing in and winning a few finals along the way. He started playing for senior men’s teams at 14 and highlights include scoring against the Under 18’s Australian National Team. He still keeps in touch with the game today playing for Hamstreet in the Kent Veterans League. 


 Ben did a little bit of Karate at a young age but didn’t really take to it and later turned to Taekwondo, but not for very long. The real turning point for his martial arts career was finding TKO after suffering a horrific football injury and needing to get back to match fitness for the next season. After one class he was hooked. He joined TKO 15 years ago and even after moving to London for a while he trained whenever he could to keep in touch with the sport and returning to TKO Ashford whenever possible. While away he still focused his training mostly on Kickboxing and Boxing but also started getting to grips with BJJ and MMA for a few years.


He has A Levels in Sport Psychology, Physiology and Anatomy with a HND in Personal Training which helps in the classes he teach not to mention his Masters Degree in Executive Management and Strategic Leadership which he reckons does not help with his teaching!


He continues his journey towards Black Belt and has had10 Light Cons (so far) in Kickboxing, K1 and Boxing.

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