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TKO Classes

Information and Timetable about Classes

Each class has been specially designed to meet the needs of the student whatever their own individual goals and ambitions may be. The choice of programme is left to each student and as progression is made the freedom to change programmes will be offered if it is felt this would better suit their needs.

JUNIOR (6-11 years)

A twice weekly programme for children aged 6 to 11 taught in a safe, disciplined but fun atmosphere. Each class offers tuition in kickboxing plus an exercise program designed to maximise fitness levels. Additionally, each child will be given the opportunity to grade using our specially adapted junior grading syllabus.

CADETS (12-17 years)

Specifically structured for those aged from 12 to 16 and bridging the gap between our Junior and Adult programmes. Our cadet programme offers four classes a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Our cadet programme encompasses the full kickboxing syllabus with a sparring class on Fridays. For those who wish to take part in sparring and competition please note that all sparring is light contact and is always conducted under strict supervision and with all students wearing full safety equipment.


Four classes per week offering a pad based fitness workout whilst guiding students through the first two grades of the syllabus. Excellent for building a solid foundation.


For those students who wish to participate in the Full Kickboxing Experience offering tuition in technique encompassing the full grading syllabus. Students will have the choice of up to four classes a week including a special ‘sparring only’ class for those wishing to participate.

Additionally, full ‘Fight training’ will be given, including bag work. Skipping, free pad work and sparring. Many students decide to choose the Advanced Programme when they initially start and it is not necessary to have taken part in the basic programme first.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in contact.

We also provide private lessons for individuals or small groups.